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School House


The school house was originally located 4 miles south of Hawkeye in Center Township.  It was known as Center No. 6 until the school closed.  A farmer had been using the building to store grain.  In July 1992, the Historical Society moved the school house to its present location and made repairs to the building.  The building is now home to pictures of Waucoma High School graduating classes spanning over three decades.  A collection of textbooks used before 1940 in the Eden school is on display along with school materials from the Alpha area.  The old teacher's desk came from Turkey Valley Community School and was restored as a memorial to Edward and Josine McGreevey who were longtime educators at Turkey Valley.  Some of the pupil desks came from St. Mary's School in Waucoma.  The large round heating stove is typical of the type of heat used in the old country school houses.


The School House is generally open for tours the first Sunday of the month during the summer months but it is recommended that you call one of the officers listed to confirm that the buildings are open for viewing.  Tours can also be arranged for area school children.  


aucoma Iowa - Country School House
aucoma Iowa - Country School House